Commuter Resources

It is all fun and games until you get a ticket, need a bike shop ASAP or are lost somewhere in Austin. Luckily for you, we’ve got you covered. Read on! 

Route Planning, Bicycle maps, transit connections, handy resources and FAQs.

Ride The City – Crowd-sourced bike routes, with bike shops included

Where are the bike shops? – With dozens of bike shops in Austin, there’s bound to be one near you.

Online traffic skills course for cyclists – What are the laws for cyclists? How can I ride more safely and comfortably in traffic? Sign up for this interactive course by Austin cyclists, for Austin cyclists. Valuable for experienced riders as well as for beginners.

On-bike courses for cyclists – Whether you want to learn to ride a bike for the first time, or are an experienced cyclist wanting to refine your techniques in traffic, we have courses for you. Custom/small group courses are available on request.

I Received a Traffic Citation – The Austin Cycling Association (ACA) offers one of the few Defensive Cycling courses in the United States. Since July of 2010, in conjunction with the Austin Municipal Court, the ACA has been offering an option to cyclists that has been available to drivers for years – having a traffic ticket waived in exchange for taking part in some valuable, effective training.

Bike Trains!  Ride with a group of other commuters and experienced cyclists on Bike To Work Day.  Click here for all our Bike To Work Day rides.

Bike-Friendly Clothes – Lots of major outfitters are designing clothes tailored for regular bike commuters.  Levi’s, Outlier, Betabrand, Vespartine, Chrome and several other brands design clothes to make your ride as comfortable and safe as possible.

Pro tip – Always check the weather app before leaving home.

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