Station Management 101


This fun event is a media boon and a tremendous crowd pleaser. The mission of Bike To Work Day is to attract new cyclists to commuting while rewarding those who already use their bikes to commute to work. Commuters improve our community by decreasing traffic congestion and reducing air pollution. Cycling commuters also arrive at work in better health and more alert.


All Bike To Work participants will be given a commuter bag with sponsor logos. This bag is sure to be a well-worn keepsake and is sure to be seen around town long after Bike To Work Day. Please allow only one bag per participant so that all cyclists can receive a bag.


Participants are required to sign in at every station they visit. This helps to track participation and is a requirement for government recognition and grant funding.  You may choose to enter your signatures directly to computer. These signatures will be eligible for additional prizes.

                                 PASSPORT TO BEER AND FOOD HEAVEN

“Bicycle Passport” stamp cards encourage participants to visit as many stations as possible.  Every participant will get their passport in their giveaway bag, and it will be the station manager’s responsibility to “stamp” their passport with a yellow smiley-face sticker 🙂

Each stamp that participants collect will enter them into a door prize drawing at the Bike Home From Work party at Google Fiber, so the more stations they visit, the greater their chances of winning prizes!

The Passport will also be exchanged for a free beer at the party.


All stations are required to provide their own breakfasts. Station Managers are welcome to seek sponsors to assist with the expenses of your station.

Official fueling stations are welcome to seek food donations for your station, as long as they do not directly compete with Bike Austin’s current sponsors. Please email with any questions about sponsorships. Official fueling stations are formally recognized on our website as official participants of Bike Austin’s event. If you or your company wishes to support Bike Austin and be listed on the website, please contact Mercedes Feris


Do not underestimate the appeal of your breakfast offerings. Breakfast tacos are always a hit. Also consider bagels, breakfast bars, smoothies, yogurt, fruit, juice, and coffee.  Feel free to make your station unique and fun. Here are some extras you might consider: co-sponsoring, tables and seating for participants, games, contests, music.


February 27th              Fueling Stop details confirmed

April 22nd                        Fueling Stop agreements due

April 27th                        Sponsor Contracts due

April 29th                        Bike To Work Day website and maps locked

May 8th                         All sponsor materials should be delivered to holding site

May 15th                         Volunteer pizza & beer party to stuff giveaway bags

May 17th                      Pick up materials to hand out at your station, 9am-6pm

May 19th                         Bike To Work Day


Bike Austin reserves the right to deny participation due to lack of traffic, location, and timeliness of request. Station managers are encouraged to follow the listed suggestions so that all stations will be successful:

  • Assign 1 person to be the Station Coordinator
  • This person will be the point of contact for Bike Austin, to disseminate relevant information to fellow station co-hosts/sponsors and to insure the station is prepared for the event
  • Be open to the public during the marketed & agreed upon
    hours of: 7:00 AM to 9:30 AM morning
  • No items can be sold at the station
  • Food, beverages, and snacks for at least 50 people (depending on your location)
  • Space to display print materials provided by Bike Austin
  • Table for other displace space for refreshments, food, giveaways
  • Trash and recycling receptacles
  • General first aid kit
  • Staff or volunteers to greet cyclists, help distribute breakfast foods, and collect signatures.
  • Clean up your station location
  • Must return banners, sign in sheets, and any other materials by May 23th at noon Bike Austin offices, 1000 Brazos Street, #100, 78701

Let’s throw the best marty (morning party) Austin’s ever seen!